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Tyre Size Calculator

Enter your existing wheel and tyre specification in 'Existing Setup' then enter the specification of your potentially new wheels and tyres to see what a difference it will make!

This tool is great for working out if your new wheels will give you more or less clearance to your suspension and wheel arches. If you have any questions or need help using it please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help you with it.

Existing setup

New setup

Tyre diagram

The image to the left shows your 'Existing' wheel and tyre (grey + black) with the 'New Setup' (green + black) overlaid.

This is a graphical representation of how your chosen change in wheel and tyre will affect your stance, poke and clearance.

To see the wheel to tyre ratio changes, and the Existing vs New tyres in profile select 'Tyre Image'.

For the measurements, take a look in the 'Data Table' tab.

Tyre image
Data table
Tyre Diameter631.9mm625.3mm
Tyre Circumference1985.2mm1964.4mm
Additional PokeN/A
Inboard ClearanceN/A
Gearing ChangeN/A1.01%
Speedo at 30mph30mph
Speedo at 60mph60mph
Ride Height ChangeN/A
Arch Gap ChangeN/A

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